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XBeam Bench

Lakeside Cottage

Husky Farm X Bench

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Classic Post Bench

Lakeside Cottage Bench

Husky Farm X Design
Rustic Post

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Husky Truss Bench

Farm X Design Full X bench

ulti-colored finishes anddistressed finishes (worn) (Click for examples) may be additional.  

We canphysically distress (Click for examples) your bench $30 ($20 bench top) per bench (chains, hammer, scrap, hardware indent).

Bench tops are 1 1/2" thick and we can frame them for a 3" thick look for $30 additional.

Standard Farm Benches are 14.5" wide and you can upgrade extra width for $30 (7" additional width), $25 (5.5" additional width) or $20 (3.5" additional width)

End caps added to benches $20 ea.  End caps are the boards that cap the ends and run a different direction.

Add All Thread/Threaded rod 1 1/4" dia includes washer & nut for $15 a foot - TL Wilkins All Thread Edition. If the table is 8ft then subtract 1ft, 7ft x $15=$105 addition to table price.  If bench is 7ft then 7ft x $15=$105 additional to the bench price.  

Add a back to any bench!

2ft - $40, 3-4ft - $60,  5-6ft - $85, 7-8ft - $100, 9-10ft - $125, 11-12ft - $150

​Remember we custom build so things like leg positioning can be changed.

Pricing below is for our Rustic Post bench:

Rustic Post Bench - (Standard 14.5" wide):​

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Pricing below is for our Farm X Design half X,  and XBeam benches:

Bench - (Standard 14.5" wide)

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Pricing below is for our Farm X Design Full X,  Husky Truss, Husky Farm X benches:

Bench - (Standard 14.5" wide)

Farm X Design Full X is 18" wide 

2ft- $155 finished
3ft-$170 finished
4ft -$190 finished
5ft -$210 finished
6ft - $230 finished
7ft -$270 finished
8ft - $310 finished
9ft - $350 finished
10ft -$400 finished
11ft - $440 finished
12ft -$480 finished

Lakeside Cottage bench

Round Turned leg bench 

Square Turned leg bench

Bench - (Standard 14.5" wide)

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Other Turned Leg Farm Tables and Benches -
Want a different leg style?  Choose your leg style here and send a picture, dimensions and table style via text and I can quote a price.

Turned table legs -

Turned bench legs -

Pricing below is for our Classic Post:

Bench -  (11.25" wide)

2ft - $65 finished
3ft - $75 finished
4ft - $85 finished
5ft - $95 finished
6ft - $110 finished
7ft - $145 finished
8ft - $170 finished (3 legs)
9ft - $195 finished (3 legs)
10ft -$245 finished (3 legs)
11ft - $270 finished (3 legs)
12ft - $295 finished (3 legs)

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Square Turned leg table

Square turned Leg Bench 

Farm X Design Half X Bench

TL Wilkins All Thread Husky Farm X Design Bench

Round turned leg bench

Rustic Post Bench

We can add a back to any bench!

Farm X Design

Harvest Bench $115 4ft and can build other sizes