Jesus be the center of it all (Matthew 6:31-34)

Remember you aren't stuck with the dimensions or finish below!  We can customize size and color, pricing is to give you an idea.  Look forward to hearing from you!  All pieces can be used in varies places in your home.

Kennels with metal rebar

Custom built, call or text with the dimensions you are looking for!  Choose your size, color,  # of doors, etc.

Make sure to do some online research to get the best size and fit for your family dog, cat, boyfriend or husband (that's why now you see the invention of the man cave instead of the dog house!)

3ftL x 27.75"W x 36"T -$485

4ftL x 27.75"W x 36"T -$560

5ftL x 27.75"W x 36"T-$640

6ftL x 27.75"W x 36"T-$735

7ftL x 27.75"W x 36"T-$830

8ftL x 27.75"W x 36"T-$925

(Note 33" overall height, inside 27.5)

Door openings range from 18-21" but can adjust

​(More than 8ft?  Contact us for a quote)

Add Sliding Barn door hardware/with door locking hardware $150

Base can be flat the floor or add feet $20

27.75" wide is our general.  Want to add more width?  For every  9" of width (going from 27.75" up to 37") add  3-4ft-$50/5ft-$80/6ft $100/7ft $120/ 8ft $140/ +$20 per foot

42" add $35 or however tall you need!

Add a drawer $30-$70ea depending on hardware/size

Add a divider $50 each, if more than 1.  $40 per door if more than 2

 Rustic barn door style dog crate cover.

 This is custom built around your dog crate.  Pictured 48"Lx37"Dx38.5"T, one barn door,  in carbon gray stain (top) and polished ivory $475 (the crate was 43"Lx29"Dx32"T).  Call or text for more pricing.