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Baby or Pet Gate

Pricing is calculated by width at $3.33 per inch.  Example 32"W x $3.33 is $106 and up to a 32" tall door.  We can build any dimensions, just ask.  ($2.70xwidth, unfinished)

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​​Pricing below is for our full size Barn Doors

How we price our doors is to take the width x $9  (up to 8ft tall).

Below are finished prices for one stain or paint color.  Stained doors are sealed with indoor/outdoor urethane (unfinished width x $7.10).  We don't install or include hardware.

96Tx32W - $288 (32x9=$288 so on)

96Tx36W - $324

96Tx48W - $432

We can make other dimensions (height and width), this is just to give you an in general idea of pricing.  There are many designs and if you have a design not on this page, text a picture.

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